Retrofrenzy in Burgas


Half of all the multi-family buildings in Burgas with more than 36 flats have now been retrofitted. New insulation, smart energy management, and other energy efficiency technologies mean that thousands of residents can enjoy more comfortable homes at the same time as saving on electricity bills.
As retrofitting is key to ensuring a clean Europe for our children, it is appropriate that this is also taking place in Burgas’ schools. Five secondary schools and three kindergartens have been retrofitted in the last year, some of which have even been fitted out with solar panels so that they can be master of their own supply. On top of that, one new kindergarten has been built as a ‘nearly zero energy building’ NZEB, one primary school and an educational centre have been fully retrofitted adopting energy efficiency measures.
In the next few months, this ‘retro-frenzy’ will continue with the main municipal building, ten more private buildings, including cultural heritage sites, and the national revenue and a fire station. These are just a few examples of the many retrofitting and nearly zero energy building constructions that Burgas is launching into.
Being part of the Sharing Cities project has been a great boon for what is fast becoming one of Bulgaria’s most exemplary cities. Visits to lighthouse cities Lisbon and Milan helped this inspiring fellow city to move forward into retrofit at this incredible velocity.
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