Call for interested cities to participate in a replication validation workshop on 5 December

06/11/2017 (Rue d’Arlon 63 Renewable Energy House 1040 Brussels)

The implementation phase of the Sharing Cities and Smarter Together projects is underway, and it’s time to benefit from the lessons learnt so far! London, Lisbon, Milan, Vienna, Munich and Lyon will get together on 5 December in Brussels to exchange about their experience as lighthouse cities and how they can make sure that solutions they are developing are replicable within their cities and for those who are outside the projects.

They will put together a replication guide, including challenges and issues they have experienced and think about what the success factors are. Those cities are now in projects and your city’s experience can be extremely valuable if you would like to implement similar solutions. Come and challenge them with your ideas and give feedback to them on what they should include into their replication guide! Their work has to be useful to your city and at the end of these projects you should get toolkits which enable you!

There are 2 seats available (one person per city) for each group discussion.
Group discussions will take place on the following specific measures:
1) building retrofit in private housing
2) citizen engagement 
3) low energy districts
4) e-mobility services

You can submit your application to Bernadett ( and Francisco (

The selection criteria to attend this event:
- You select one of the four areas where your city would like to share experience
- You explain in relation to that area what you are doing in your city and which issues you would like to focus on
- You commit to pay for your travel or accommodation (if it is necessary)
- You commit to follow the two projects (e.g. webinars, Knowledge Platform)

You should submit your application by 17 November. If there are many applicants we will take the ones who demonstrate their interest and are viable candidates on a first come first served basis.



Sharing Cities, Bernadett Köteles-Degrendele (

Smarter Together, Francisco Gonçalves (



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