€30,000 for Lisbon schools via DSM



The new Digital Social Market (DSM) is launching in Lisbon with a €30,000 give-away to local schools. But what is the DSM, and how can one digital platform improve education, the local economy and the environment?

 Downloading the app lets you earn points in a myriad of ways. You can be rewarded for clean and efficient transport when you travel by foot or by bike instead of using a private car. Energy saving behaviours in your own home, such as unplugging your TV instead of leaving it on standby, can also earn you points. 

Points can even come from economic activity, like buying from local shops. The young energy aficionado can gain points for every correct answer on a built-in energy quiz. What do you do with all these points, however you choose to earn them?
The points can be donated to one of three local schools, serving a total of 4,500 students. The schools also generate points themselves through energy saving throughout the competition. The school with the most points will win €20,000 and each of the runners-up will get €5,000. This money will go towards energy refurbishment – improving thermal comfort and reducing long-term energy costs.
Lisbon is the first city in Sharing Cities to bring the DSM to its public. If successful, the technology is expected to spread across other European cities, beginning with Sharing Cities lighthouse cities London and Milan.
The DSM has been developed on the basis of research conducted by the Sharing Cities team on how cities can best cooperate with people to encourage energy saving. The team’s insights include the fact that people are more motivated by social causes, such as improving local schools, than by personal gain, such as discounts in stores.
By providing the right motivation, and the right mechanism, the DSM helps even the busiest people make the contribution that we all want to make to our communities and to the environment. Future iterations will include a greater number of causes, and ways to contribute to them. But for now, may the best school win!

For more information, please contact anthony.colclough@eurocities.eu, dianahenriques@lisboaenova.org
You can find detailed slides on the DSM here.



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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement N°691895


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