Thousands to gather in Casablanca for Smart City Expo

18/04/2018 - 20/04/2018 (Casablanca)

Whether it’s cutting edge urban technologies or new strategies for enlivening public spaces, the Smart City Expo Casablanca, 18-20 April 2018, will offer expert advice regarding all aspects of cultivating a modern city. Over 5000 participants will network with each other and benefit from the insight of 150 speakers and exhibitors.

Marcin Wróblewski, local project manager for Sharing Cities in Warsaw, an active member of EUROCITIES, will be taking this opportunity to share his experience as a replicator/follower city. Warsaw is following the lighthouse cities of Milan, London and Lisbon and observes, validates and implement similar solutions. With the support of EUROCITIES, Warsaw works in a peer to peer relationship, attends study visits and work-shadowed the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Cities interested in developing smart solutions will be able to get input from Mr. Wróblewski at the Smart City Expo Casablanca which can help them to move forward on this path. The idea is to amplify smart city solutions and good practices so that they can be that replicated all over the world. Sharing Cities also has an offer for your city: register at the knowledge platform.

The Smart City Expo Casablanca is an ideal venue for Mr Wróblewski to speak on the Sharing Cities project, as project and Expo share a holistic approach to the smart city; an approach with citizens at the centre, which understands that in a true smart city, new technology is only half as important as new ways of thinking.

The main topics covered in the expo will be mobility, urban planning, governance, green economy, renewable energy and energy efficiency, environment, resilience, security, education and health.

To register, or for more information, please visit:

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